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Poopa Scoopa

Our Poopa Scoopas will last for years.

Extra large stainless steel pooper scoopers. 230 mm wide, 170 mm deep and 110mm high with a standard handle height of 890 mm. For tall people or those with back problems we offer a longer handle option on request.

Made with a folded safety edge on top, high quality 0.9mm stainless steel sheet and bolted together with 8mm stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts. This allows for easy replacement of the scraper blade, as this product will last for years, we have our Poopers in many Commercial Kennels and used are by both Military and Police Dog Units. Replacement parts available if required.

These Pooper Scoopers are built to last and will not rust.
                          $70 each (plus postage)